Sunday, January 28, 2007

Weekend (1)

I know it's a little odd to be posting at 12.40am on a Sunday but I unexpectedly have the use of a computer, M & B are watching Fatal Attraction and E is sleeping on the chair beside me, so I thought I'd write a quick post.

One of the temps left work yesterday so went to an awful pub near work which seems to be a temp team favourite for some leaving drinks. Only to discover that said pub actually has an upstairs bar which is much nicer than downstairs and has an (almost full size) pool table. Played endless games of pool, the likes of which hasn't been seen since university, when we used to play almost every day. Had forgotten how much I love playing pool and was pleased that I could still play pretty well - or even 'quite well for girl'. What I wasn't so good at was the golf game where we played the front nine of Balmoral and I ended up nine over. And lost. Still, it was pleasant to spend an evening getting to know work colleagues a little better. Headed back to the house for supper with B, C, TJ and M. We had deep fried prawns with stir fry. Delicious. The mess still sat on the kitchen counter, not so much.

Spent this afternoon doing some more work for and then met E for afternoon tea at the flat. Watched Dancing on Ice whilst E searched for holidays on the internet and had a lovely gossip drinking tea and eating choc. B joined us a bit later on and then M when he finished work. Headed to the Lansdowne for a pint and then back to the flat so that the boys could watch the football. And here we still are and I think it must be time for bed. A lovely weekend so far and there is still Sunday to come.

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lain said...

I also love pool and also haven't played it much since uni. I rediscovered my love of it at Center Parcs when I soundly walloped both Matt's sister and his Dad despite it being the first time I'd picked up a cue for over a year. Unfortunately there just doesn't seem to be so many pubs with pool tables any more.