Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Spent Saturday evening at my sister's leaving party in Berkshire before heading into town to have a few drinks with my other sister. Ran into a couple of people that I knew from school but hadn't seen for years. Is always nice to catch up with old acquaintances. Have also got back in touch with a number of old friends from university, which is also pleasing.

Back to London on Sunday afternoon and then off to Blakes for M's work party last night. Was a lovely evening and I thoroughly enjoyed the food. I started with scallops, had black cod with ginger and miso sauce with truffle mash and then something approaching tarte tartin for pudding. All washed down with a glorious selection of wines. Well, you wouldn't expect anything less for the party of a wine merchants. Finally left the hotel at about 2.30am and rolled into bed sometime around 3am. And then dragged myself back out in an effort to be at work on time.

So I am sat here, writing this whilst M and TJ are cooking chili. It already smells wonderful and I am so hungry. I thought after last night's food I wouldn't need to eat for ages, but no, I'm starving! I think I might have a bath while I wait....

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lain said...

So, seeing as you always ask me the same question... Who were the old school friends you ran into?