Wednesday, November 15, 2006


After reading Rachel-Emma's blog and seeing her questionnaire I thought I'd have a go too. So unless you want to know what colour crayon I would be and my shoe size, you'd probably be better off reading something else. Here, here and here are a few suggestions of alternative reading material.

I'm now assuming that everyone is busy swotting up on what the Queen had to say earlier on, but just in case, here are my answers:

1. First Name – Rachel

2. Do you wish on stars – no, but I enjoy looking at them, particularly from the beach.

3. When did you last cry – last night (after opening another rejection letter)

4. Do you like your handwriting – Yes, I think I do.

5. What is your Favourite lunch – Sandwiches containing Mum’s Christmas ham, Daddy’s apple & chestnut stuffing, bread sauce and wensleydale cheese

6. What is your date of birth – 5 January

7. If you were another person would you be friends with you – I hope so! I try and treat others as they would like to be treated, so I hope that I would like me.

8. Do you have a Diary – no, I have a blog. Some would say they are the same thing.

9. Do you use sarcasm a lot – yes.

10. What are you nicknames – Rachie, Rach, Rapel, Garden Rake, Rah-Rah (I know, charming sisters…)

11. Would you bungee jump – I think it would depend on what the alternative was

12. Do you un-tie your shoes when you take them off – I don’t wear many shoes with laces. In fact, other than running shoes, walking boots etc I think that leaves a pair of Converse (which I do untie).

13. Do you think you are strong – In some situations, yes. In others, I’m getting better.

14. What is your favourite ice cream flavour – I’m not a huge ice cream fan, although I do make exceptions. I think I prefer frozen yoghurt, but if pushed to eat ice cream I’ll choose mint choc-chip.

15. What is your Shoe size – 5.

16. Red or Pink – I think it depends on what the object is and the situation. Each have their place.

17. Who do you miss the most – M when we are not together, my family, Annie and Alexandra when they are/have been travelling

18. What are you wearing at the moment – Black suit, long sleeved cream top, stripy v-necked jumper, black pointy shoes, black tights, underwear, black coat, red and gold Chinese pashmina.

19. What are you listening to at the moment – The sound of people typing.

20. What was the last thing you ate – A chocolate cornflake cake which I made on Monday evening and a cup of coffee.

21. If you were a crayon which colour would you be – blue (turquoise)

22. What is the weather like where you are today – Dark now but was relatively warm, slightly windy and occasionally sunny earlier.

23. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone – One of our panellists.

24. The first thing you notice about the opposite sex – Shoes, smile, hair, clothes, smell, subject of conversation

25. Favourite Drink - Tea

26. Favourite sport – Surfing, sailing, gymnastics, ballet (although I really only do the first two these days and not even much of them now that it’s Winter and I am in London). I like going snowboarding and I enjoy watching 3-day eventing, gymnastics, ice-skating, ballet and tennis.

27. Hair colour - Blonde

28. Eye Colour - Blue

30. Favourite food – Christmas ham, satsumas, Daddy’s apple & chestnut stuffing, Wensleydale cheese.

31. Last Film i watched – Breaking and Entering

32. Scary films or Happy endings - Happy Endings

33. Do you like Summer or Winter – Both. During the summer I am convinced it is my favourite season, but when the leaves start to turn and there is a nip in the air and it is cosy in front of the fire, I am convinced that winter is best. Then the days start to draw out, the blossom starts to form and I am back with my summer conviction. At least I am always pleased…

34. Do you like Hugs or Kisses – Both but it really depends on who they are with.

35. Roses or Daises – Neither really. Some forms of roses, especially the very dark ones that are almost black and the daisies which made the GA go mad (!) but in general I prefer tulips.

Now don't you feel you know me a little better? This is an idea I was considering earlier and wondering whether or not one could truly 'know' someone if you didn't know what they looked or sounded like. I reached the conclusion, that to me at any rate, physical sound and sight are important. I like to be able to visualise what someone looks and sounds like. Lain argues that she is often disappointed when she meets or hears someone whom she feels that she 'knows' through a written medium and that to her, looks and sound are less important. This disappointment is a familiar one. But I have not been on television recently, so if you, like me, find you need this visual confirmation, you will be unfulfilled by this questionnaire.

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