Wednesday, November 22, 2006


The internet is a marvellous invention but it can also be extremely frustrating. I don't own a digital camera, so to get some holiday photos from a friend, I was introduced to yahoo messenger. The files were transferred in a matter of minutes and I was able to upload them to facebook with no problem. The issue now though is twofold: First all of all, everytime I turn on the computer yahoo messenger loads. And I can't work out how to stop it. And secondly, I wanted to print out some of the photos. So, I joined jessops and got 20 free prints. I worked out how to upload the pictures, but it won't let me print them because they don't have a high enough resolution. But two do. And I can't work out why some do and why I can't change the others. And now I am bored and frustrated. Ggrrr. So I have stopped and I might have some supper.

I am also going to watch Rachel on 18 Doughty Street again tonight. I really enjoyed watching her last week, so am looking forward to see what she has to say about the 7/7 Report published by the London Assembley today.

So I might post something else in a bit but I have to go and warm up as my hands are so numb I can't type. The heating seems to be on, but is really not making it much warmer in here. Moan moan...

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Rachel said...

Hi hope nobody could tell I'd had a bottle of win elast night.

You've been tagged by me - '10 Things I would never do.'