Thursday, November 23, 2006

10 Things I will Never Do

So from Iain Dale, via Rachel, 10 Things That I Will Never Do:

10 - Become a scientologist;
09 - Mug someone;
08 - Vote/agree/sign anything that promotes joining the euro;
07 - Read Cosmopolitan, Company or Marie-Claire magazine;
06 - Become a politician;
05 - Live in a student style shared house again;
04 - Give up on my dreams to be a debt-free lawyer;
03 - Skydive/bungee jump or similiar unless death was the alternative;
02 - Buy non-charity Christmas Cards; or
01 - Stop drinking tea.

And now I tag: AdminGirl; Susie LawStudent; Lucy MarmaLADYa; Rachel Emma; Bunsen Burner; City Slicker; and MarmaLADYAwrites. I know it's not 10, but I don't have any others...


Strandman said...

Good good blog and well written and all your dreams will come true. It is written.

Rachel said...

Thanks to AdminGirl and Rachel Emma who have both taken up the challenge. It's harder than it looks to start the list, but I have found that things keep coming to mind now that I have published the list. (Like I will never cheat on M etc - which he thought should have been top of the pile)

I liked Rachel Emma's I will never understand men...

Susie Law School said...

It is done! It was a bit tough and I'm sure there are other better ones but I have a list! yay!

Thanks for tagging me!

S. x

Rachel said...

Thanks Susie.