Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tuesday Blues

How funny... my blog was the first question in a competition! I think Primrose Bakery should be giving me free cakes for all this exposure!

Been a manic day at work so no real time to stop and post. Made it down to the southern shores for a party in Clapham last night. M helped tend the BBQ and I helped with the wine drinking. Stopped off for a coffee with L&B in Battersea to break up the long journey north back to Primrose Hill. It was L's birthday last week and she is now sporting a gorgeous pink Mulberry handbag. To say I am jealous is ... no, actually I am pleased for her. But it does make me look rather like a bag lady in comparison, as my handbags, nice as they are, are all high street 'interpretation' bags.

This evening we are off for drinks and possibly some food in Mayfair with M's father, brother and his girlfriend. She is a designer with an impending label launch. An occasion for which they are searching for unknown faces to model some of the clothes. I am to attend a 'casting' on Thursday. Which is very exciting.

Also this week, I hope to fit in some drinks to facilitate some research for the author Gareth Sibson, who wrote Single White Failure and also ran a project to meet his very own Bridget. His next project is non-fiction and is something to do with modern women. And we have been invited to discuss our thoughts and views. It sounds interesting and the drinks are free, so why not?!

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