Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A Single White Failure?

Would you believe it - he didn't turn up. Cancelled the meeting fifteen minutes before hand because he was stuck in Norwich. No issues with him being stuck in Norwich as these things happen - but Norwich is probably a two-hour trip from London; thus, he would have had to leave around 5.30pm to get to London in time for the meeting. Ergo, if he hadn't left by 6pm he was unlikely to be on time; the girls would still be at work and could be notified that they didn't have to all rush to Parsons Green to meet someone who wasn't going to show up.

The jokes were predictable; mostly Single White Failure (well, if you will call a book that, it's only fair) with the odd few "he definitely needs a woman". Failing to turn up to meet members of the Fulham WI - a grave error. They're a formidable group of well connected ladies - and what a potential female meeting opportunity, not a 'Bridget Clone' in sight. Let's hope he re-arranges (and remembers to attend).

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