Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A few thoughts

I found this game on another blog. Managed to fill in 105 tube stations before my lunchbreak ran out. It is rather addictive! The writer of the blog I found it on filled in double that. Perhaps he's lived here longer than me. Still, the days not over yet!

And discrmination against mac users is rife in recruitment circles. I was sent an on-line reasoning test to complete by a potential employer - all well and good until I discovered that it is not compatible with macs. At all. How annoying.

And finally, a chance to take a pole-dancing lesson has arisen. A potential career change? Well, we'll see... it came about through the WI of all places! It is next week. And part of a photoshoot, so should all round be an interesting experience. I'll keep you informed...

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