Monday, August 21, 2006

Monday Again

It's been another long and busy weekend. Started Friday after work in a pub in Camden to celebrate the end of J's masters. He is the proud owner of a fully bound masterpiece, a receding hairline and the need to catch up on about a month's sleep. I think perhaps this blog is, unfortunately, too insubstantial for his liking, so I find it unlikely that he is a reader.

So, went back to our flat, borrowed some chairs from upstairs and created a rather uncomfortable social situation where one half of the party wanted to watch Big Brother and the other half wanted to discuss the cons and cons of the whole BB experience. Loudly. Drowning out Davina. Thus neither party was happy and everyone got rather drunk. M ended proceedings by going to bed and I watched the recorded version on Saturday morning.

Spent Saturday afternoon making the flat Grandparent friendly. The bath has never looked so clean, but then I've never before got into it to scrub it either. The usual faffing over clothes, makeup and the last minute card situation rectified (thanks to Shikasuki) and it was off to the curiously named Dream Bags and Jaguar Shoes bar in Shoreditch for a birthday party. So called by the previous two shops which have been opened up into one bar with two 'fronts'. The night ended at 7am when we were abandoned by a taxi driver taking umbrage at something and leaving us by the side of the road.

Disturbed from my much-needed sleep at noon by a call from my long-seen sister, currently residing in gaffer-taped up campervan, Brisbane. The Grandparents duly arrived, drank tea and admired the flat, before giving me a lift to Berkshire.

Dentist and then back to work this morning. Got caught in the worst rain I have seen for ages; I literally had to paddle across the main road. And now, still raining and we are going to a BBQ. Not sure how that is going to work! Maybe it’s better weather down south in Clapham.

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