Thursday, August 17, 2006


So after our drinks and stairwell encounter at The Engineer, M and I headed to The Lansdowne for some food. I had scallops, M had Sea Bream. M's father turned up and we shared a rather nice bottle of Chateauneuf De Pape, 2000. Excellent conversation - P has just returned from a week's sailing in the Channel. Got home about midnight, absolutely exhausted. And then was rudely awakened at 5am with girlie troubles - had to drag my poor exhausted body out of bed, to fill a hotwaterbottle and to hunt for painkillers. I fear I was not a pretty sight. No wonder I've been craving chocolate, tea and as much Big Brother as I could find this week.

And this morning, well, I just couldn't decide what to wear. Admittedly, I often have this problem, but feeling so crap meant that I just wanted to wear soft clothes. But M and I are taking out Piero for some drinks tonight. He is the son of a wine producer, whose wines are sold by M, and he is here (until tomorrow) learning about England, English and retail. So I compromised. Soft clothes and meeting later so I can go home after work and change.

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