Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Carmina Burana

Some excellent news. London Lawyers' Music (Chorus & Orchestra) is to perform this work in June 2007. This is the choir within which I sing. Alto. We rehearse once a week and perform concerts in December, February and June. It is so much fun, and I am very much looking forward to singing and performing Orff's masterpiece once again.

I first performed this as part of the Berkshire School's Choir in the Royal Albert Hall, when I was in the upper sixth. I was sat in the East choir stalls, and had a wonderful view, over the orchestra and the Promenadars area, right over to the audience, stalls and boxes. It was an amazing sight and experience. I think the LLM version will be a little more professional, but perhaps a little less grand in performance venue. I can't wait!

3 comments: said...

wow you are a woman of many talents Rachel and you ahve so much energy, how do you fit it all in? i love to sing too but since my jaw op i can't get my mouth open wide enough to make a decent noise! maybe one day i coudl join you for a sing song when its properly healed. meanwhile i'll just have to come and listen to you and your choir bussies in December. can't wait.
xx said...

wow you are a woman of many talents rachel, and i don't know how you have the time and energy to fit it all in. I love to sing too but since the operation i can't get my jaw open wide enough to make a decent noise. hopefully it will heal in time though and we coudl have a sing song together one day. I can see you wincing in my minds eye. meanwhile would love to come and hear you and your choir buddies sing in December. xx

Rachel said...

Thanks Marmaladya for your lovely words! I don't know about many talents, but certainly many interests!

Would love you to come to the concert in December. I will try and put a link to the London Lawyers' Chorus with the schedule.

And a sing song sounds fab!