Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I'm so in love

Only time for a quick post today - it's very busy at work and I've almost used up my entire lunch break looking for a grey sweaterdress on the internet. With no real success.

Standing in the work kitchen making a cup of tea and daydreaming. Realised that I am so very happy living with the gorgeous M. This morning he woke me up, had run me a bath and made me my sandwiches for lunch. And he warned me before I ran to the bathroom with no clothes on (as I so frequently do) that builders had installed themselves on some scaffolding at the back of the house and were consequently at eye level. How annoying (of them) and how thoughtful (of him).

Will try and post something a little more interesting after work.

Ps. I did go to the Pole Dancing lesson on Monday night. It was great fun but hard work. My muscles were aching yesterday... and so was my leg where I stabbed the heel of my sandal into my other leg whilst trying to master a 'corkscrew' spin... It was satisfying, relaxing, sexy and so much fun. The teacher recommended that I did a course, which I would love to do. Must find out how much and when. Something tells me I will not be able to afford it.


Rachel said...

Glad that you had a blast!

I'll be doing beginners courses in september, a 4 week course will be £80 I think...but will let you know. Classes in New North Rd, N1.

Rachel said...

Thanks Rachel. I will have to see about the course; am really enthusiastic, but also extremely broke at the moment.

Please keep me posted about the course details though.