Friday, August 18, 2006

Thoughts and links round up

It's almost the weekend! Looking forward to going home and watching the Big Brother final. Went out with M and B and an Italian friend of M's called Piero. P is 19 and from Florence. We had a lovely evening sampling a few cocktails in one of my favourite bars, Trailer Happiness on Portobello Road. It is very trailer trash meets glam 1970's. I think. But it's great and the cocktails are wonderful.

And speaking of favourite things, M bought me a gorgeous pink vanilla cupcake this morning to cheer me up. Girlie aches and pains are getting me down this week. They are made by Primrose Bakery and sold in Melrose & Morgan; a beautiful deli near our house. Rumour has it that Primrose Bakery are to open their own shop. This would be just round the corner from us, and on my way to work. At the moment my only saving grace for not going bankrupt over cake is that the delivery to M&M is about 11 in the morning...

And thanks to Rachel for her hacker game. It rather distracted me both from my grumpiness and my lunch break. I think that's a good thing. Thankfully, she posted the answers as well, so I was able to seek help and return to my work in the afternoon! And speaking of other annoying games, can't remember where I got this one from, but it shut up my colleagues for several minutes!

Lastly, I have made over £90 in my first day's trading at Celebdaq (link is on one of the posts below). I am secretly rather pleased. If only it were real...!

That's all, am off home now. No web access from home so will be back on Monday after my trip to the dentist. I can't wait; how I am containing my excitement is beyond me. Have a good weekend.


Options Lady said...

Just wanted to say that I enjoyed reading your blog. I'm new to bogging but noticed your entry about "trading at Celebdaq". I trade american stock options for a living - you might find my blog interesting.

Have a great weekend.

Options Lady

Rachel said...

Thanks - glad to hear that you enjoyed the blog. When I get a spare moment this week, I'll have a look at yours.


Rachel said...

And my faith in Kate Moss is well rewarded this week; she made me over £500 during the weekend - my profit is now £692 in three days. All that gossip reading is clearly paying off.