Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Not very impressed with Vogue or Conde Naste today. A subscription to Vogue is supposed to mean that the subscriber receives their copy of the issue a few days before the issue goes on sale on newsstands. I was expecting to receive the October issue of Vogue last Friday or Saturday. In the weekend papers, there were stories about articles in the issue, which went on sale on Monday. I have still haven't received my issue so I called the Conde Naste customer services line.

A recorded message informed me that there has been a technical difficulty and that all magazines would be delayed and should be received by 14 September 2007. This is not the first time that the has happened.

I also received an e mail last week asking if I wanted to review some perfume on my blog. I said that I might depending on whether I liked it. I was supposed to receive said perfume by the end of last week. If it does not arrive shortly I shall be naming the company instead of reviewing the perfume.

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