Thursday, September 13, 2007

Global Cool vs Miller Cool

In July, Sienna was in India promoting the charity Global Cool.

On their website she is quoted as saying

"If you care about your planet, and want to do to something to help it, then you're in the right place."

In the last week or so she has appeared in the press photographed on a PR tour in celebration of her new clothing line Twenty8Twelve.

On the left she is in Toronto. On the right she is in New York.

For someone who supposedly cares so much about the environment, embarking on an intercontinental tour to promote a clothing line (which has no obvious references to being made in a fairly traded way in any capacity) seems an odd decision. A little hypocritical, if you like.


HL said...

Since when does Toronto to New York equate with intercontinental? ;) - they're really not that far apart.

Rachel said...

London, New York, Toronto - that is intercontinental.