Friday, September 07, 2007

McCann Questions

Kate McCann has been named a suspect in the case of the disappearance of her daughter on 3 May 2007. This news has been splashed across the British press this afternoon. The BBC website shows the following as a timeline box. The BBC words are in italics and my questioning is in usual typeface.


  • Kate McCann tucks Madeleine into bed in their ground floor apartment.

  • Mrs McCann and husband Gerry then go to a nearby tapas bar, which has a clear view to their apartment, to eat dinner.

    The above picture was also published on the BBC News website but on 17 May 2007. I am not an expert but there do seem to be obstacles between the restaurant and the apartment. There is a swimming pool, loungers, what appears to be a fence. They may just about been able to have seen the apartment but what good would that have done? It would clearly take several minutes to reach the apartment from the restaurant.

  • The McCanns said in an interview they checked on their children every half an hour. At about 2200 local time Mrs McCann returns to the apartment to find Madeleine missing from her bed.

It has also been stated that Gerry McCann checked on his children at approximately 21.05 and that at 21.30 one of the males in the party offered to check on the McCann children when he checked on his own child/children, one of whom had been vomiting. It is alleged that this male only listened at the door rather than actually entering the room. It then seems that Kate McCann checked on the children at approximately 2200 and found that Madeleine was missing. That, to my mind, is not the same as actually checking on the children every half an hour. It also raises concerns in my mind that one of their party was happy to leave a child unsupervised that was or had recently been vomiting.

  • She goes back to her husband at the restaurant to raise the alarm and police are called.

This too is something that disturbs me. Allegedly there were three children there in the room that evening. We can be fairly certain that the twins were not taken and would have been in the room when Kate McCann entered and realised Madeleine was missing. Were they still asleep? Did she take them with her when she returned to the restaurant or did she leave them in the apartment? And if so, why did she leave them there when her eldest daughter seemed to have disappeared.

This story seems more and more odd. The parents state that they are drawing away from a media circus, yet they were happy to be interviewed by the Times this week. Each time they state their point of view there seem to be discrepancies. There are questions which no-one in the press seems to be asking. The parents seem convinced they did nothing wrong and repeatedly make the situation about them, not Madeleine. I hope that this new line of questionning provides some much needed answers, an end to speculation and a break through in finding Madeleine or her whereabouts.


Anonymous said...

Are you really interested?

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

No, I simply can't believe that she would have done anything to her daughter. That is just, too too diabolical. This whole thing is all so shocking. Just thinking about it makes me feel sick to my stomach.

Anonymous said...

I agree there are some odd things -did she leave the twins behind while she raced over to the tapas bar and if so, since she was sure it was an abduction, why didnt she fear for them as well? However, I find it bizzarre that it would have required a complete cover up by all their friends as well. And wouldnt the McCann's have just returned home and hope the truth wasnt going to be discovered? I have always believed Kate had no involvement in her daughter's disappearance - despite doing some strange parenting - and I still hope I am right.