Thursday, September 06, 2007

Things I love about London

Things I love about London:

1. Walking through Lincoln's Inn on my way from Holborn to Chancery Lane each morning.

2. The ceiling in the Royal Courts of Justice.

3. Walking on Hampstead Heath in Autumn and sitting on the benches by the bathing ponds thinking in the peace and quiet.

4. Standing on Waterloo Bridge in the evening sunshine with the wind blowing my hair looking towards the city.

5. Reading the Evening Standard magazine on a Friday on the way to meet friends in the pub.

6. The open air theatre in Regent's Park.

7. Late night journeys in a taxi through the city.

8. The view from the Windows Bar at the Hilton on Park Lane.

This list is in progress.


Buddy said...

Can I do Things I love about Paisley?

bubandpie said...

Oh, the jealousy. I always think that I should go someplace new the next time I can afford a real vacation - except that really, I just want to go back to London.