Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Things which make me happy

10 things which make me terribly happy {inspired by The Rockstar Diaries}

1. clean sheets
2. afternoon tea with tea and scones and vintage china
3. laughing with friends over a dinner which goes on for hours
4. underwear shopping {or should that just be shopping in general}
5. talking in the bathroom with the almost-husband whilst getting ready for bed
6. the sun shining off the sea and the taste of salt when you lick your lips
7. drinking coffee and reading Vogue in a cafe
8. the smell of summer rain on hot pavements
9. play fighting with the almost-husband
10. hand written letters

Afternoon Tea

{Image from Author's personal collection}


Suzie (Echo) said...

Reckon there's a little cup cake feeling left out there, Rach!

Rachel said...

He was for my sister who doesn't like hundreds & thousands. He does look a little lonely though!