Wednesday, May 06, 2009


What's this? Two posts in one day?


Mark Frith is a bizarre guest {I was watching the Apprentice}. Granted, he was sat next to Ruby Wax but he spent the whole show telling Phillip what he was thinking. And seemed to rather miss the point. I know he used to edit Heat so I am aware that his usual audience is rather less intellectual than those that watch the Apprentice, but not that much, surely? He kept saying that Phillip was this, was that, whatever, when Phillip was clearly just distracted. And then asked why he didn't just admit that in the boardroom. I'm not sure Mark Frith has ever watched the show. He clearly isn't made for TV.


Went to a Rose tasting last night. Finally the perks of M's job have started to turn social. Anyway, we tasted 45 different roses and I tried to remember to spit not swallow. Each one might only be small but 45 x small equals more drunk than appropriate at even a social work event. At the end we spoke to the chap that organised it. I complimented him on the tasting. He agreed that the USP worked really well. I wasn't sure what he meant. Beyond the obvious that they were all roses, I hadn't noticed a USP. This morning, in the absence of a job, and with broadband mysteriously not working, I looked again at the invitation. It was the company with the largest rose list in the UK that organised the tasting. I presume that was the USP; didn't seem all that unique to me.


A TV producer friend identified the 7 ages of female drinking last week. With the exception of the Mum and Grannie phases I think I managed all of them over the bank holiday weekend. Oh, except the underage category I suppose {I have eye wrinkles now. I am clearly overage}. Yes, I drank beer in the park, supermarket-own label gin out of a paper cup at a student party, champagne, wine and mojitos at a European joint hen and stag party {much more tasteful than a UK version but a celebration all the same}, more beers and vodka and lemonade at home and of course the rose wines at the tasting. Rather a weekend...

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