Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Book Reviews (a preview)

*I have realised I never wrote/posted my review of Wife in the North which I shall endeavour to do at some point soon. I have bought and read and reviewed the books of the two other bloggers I read (Petite Anglais & Rachel North London) so I really should get around to Judith's.

* I have moved WI branches and joined the book club of my new branch, so shall try and post the reviews of those books and perhaps even some of the subsequent discussions where possible. First up is Erica Jong's Fear of Flying which I read at university so am going to re-read quickly to refresh my memory.

* If anyone else wants to review the same books, let me know and I shall do a collective post which includes other links too.


jermac said...

Best book I have read for quite a while was Life Class by Pat Barker. If you haven't read it I would strongly recommend it, would be good for your WI club as well (as would the Regeneration Trilogy but you don't need to read / know them to enjoy Life Class).

Rachel said...

The regeneration trilogy I studied at university but that was a few years ago now. I will look up Life Class - is about similar themes or entirely new.

The WI list is set for this year but I shall suggest it for next years!