Friday, February 06, 2009

Black & White in Paris

{Image via The Sartorialist}

I gave up 3 months ago. But I still think the cigarette makes this photograph.


CeeCee said...

I was going to post the same image. I don't smoke but someting about 'those' anti-smoking people just makes me want to rub this photo in their face!
Not only is she smoking but I think she may also be doing 'the walk of shame' but she looks so effortlessly stylish, ah how I want to be her.

Anonymous said...

You imply that's you in the photo?

Rachel said...

I wish.

Sometimes smoking just looks good, even if it's bad for you.

missy said...

It does doesn't it and I hate smoking but it's a fab picture.

stainly said...

it's only a photo ..
not a smoking campaign