Tuesday, June 10, 2008

You're Not The Only One - Buy It Now

Back in February I wrote about a book that a team of bloggers were putting together in aid of the charity Warchild (an international charity that "works with children affected by war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda. Our work with former child soldiers, children in prison and children living and working on the streets gives them support, protection and opportunities. To make sure we provide them with what they need we involve them directly in all our decision making.")

Well, after many months of submissions and editing by Peach the book is finally ready for you to buy.

And guess what? I'm in it. Story number 21. Something previously unpublished on this blog - an account of an experience which happened almost 19 years ago, the day the earth moved for me.

The book costs £12.50 and is available here from Lulu.com. Please consider buying it and reading the experiences that other bloggers (some of them published in their own right) have shared whilst raising money for a great cause.

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

Full list of contributors: 1. DBA Lehane2. Corinne Furness3. Village Idiot aka VI 4. Fringes5. LilliPilli6. Naomi Dunford7. Leigh Forbes8. Heather Hunter9. Fweng Ebola10. Sue11. Ani12. Anna Pickard13. Ree14. Desperate Sarah15. M.McEwen-Asker16. Paige Jennifer17. Cat18. Sarah J Peach19. Mike Atkinson20. Diane Mandy21. Rachel Goldsack22. Deborah Carr23. Jenny Maltby24. Helen Redfern25. Miss Smack26. The H Factor 27. Fat Controller 28. L.M.Noonan29. Kal30. Ronjazz31. Nicholas Grundy32. Rob Ryan33. Casdok34. DJ Kirkby35. Bone36. Kathryn Harriss37. Helen Dalby 38. Alex McGlin39. Kate Kingsley40. Miss Tickle41. Just A Girl42. Catherine Sanderson43. Enigma44. Tim Warren45. Kat Campbell 46. Daren Callow 47. Alan White 48. Zinnia Cyclamen 49. Tired Dad50. The Boy51. Swiss Toni52. Cliff Jones53. Fiona Williams54. Kate55. Isabelle56. An Unreliable Witness57. Dave Lozo58. Anne Byrne59. Micky McGuinness60. Phillip Copland61. Larry Teabag62. enidd63. Sugar00764. Ariel Langham65. Mr Angry66. The Overnight Editor67. Kristin68. LĂ©onie Kate69. Barb McMahon70. Misssy M71. Meaghan Kearney72. Pat Mackay73. Swearing Mother74. Emma Kaufmann75. Angela La La76. Boy Does Life77. Guy Herbert78. Blue Soup79. Junior80. Curvy Girl81. Prada Pixie82. JH83. Ms Robinson84. Distracted Spunk85. Jane86. Jen87. The Boy Who Could But Didn’t88. Solarisgirl89. Beth Smith90. Wendy Christie91. Miss Diarist92. Colin93. Hope94. Enny95. Joanna96. Reluctant Memsahib97. Karen98. Stephanie Shaw99. Clarissa100. Susan P101. Debbie102. Crystal103. Scorpy104. Megan105. Uncle Norman106. Johnny B


James said...

That's really great, I totally forgot about that book. Well done for making the final cut especially given there was 400 odd entries. I shall have to purchase.

Rachel said...

Thanks James. I was pleased to make the final cut especially alongside some far more established bloggers. I have ordered a copy - looking forward to reading the other submissions.

fringes said...

Rachel, thanks for going the extra mile with linking to the selected bloggers as did peach on her blog. Getting the word out is a community effort!


Ree said...

Congratulations Rachel, and yes, thanks so much for linking us all. Words are a powerful weapon against poverty and war.

pierre l said...

I have just read your lovely story. I bought a copy of the printed version, but also decided I didn't really want to wait so I got the download as well. Thanks for pointing that it was story 21 (I saw your comment at peach's, then couldn't immediately find your piece).
Fortunately, the situation you describe is rare in the UK, but not that rare (people who want to know what I'm talking about will have to buy the book).

Rachel said...

Thank you for all your kind comments. I am glad that you enjoyed my piece, and yes, thankfully the situation I describe is rare in this country.

Words are indeed powerful and I am pleased to have been able to contribute to a great project.

I am really looking forward to my copy arriving so that I can read everyone else's entries.