Monday, June 30, 2008

More details

Rather annoyingly I forgot to charge my camera battery before we went. But I thought we were simply off for a weekends surfing so I was not unduly worried. How wrong I was.

I had finished surfing and after struggling out of my wet, sandy and now too small wetsuit I had simply pulled on a pair of shorts and a vest and a crew top. I was only going to be lying on the beach reading the paper, drying off in the sunshine, wasn't I? How wrong I was.

So there I was with wet-then-dried-in-plaits hair, no make-up, sandy clothes, no camera, mouth full of fish and chips, when M asked me to be his wife. And presented me with a gorgeous ring*; sea-coloured (aquamarine and diamond), ethical, the perfect size.

The camera battery lasted for three photos.

*In due course my ring will be photographed and added to the website, in the meantime you will have to imagine...


lain said...

Boo! You can't leave us in suspense like that!! Have you got a pic on your phone you can text to me?!!

pierre l said...

well done!

pierre l said...

Sorry, my previous comment doesn't work. Sorry about the flat battery, well done about the engagement!

Surprised and Excited Mum said...

Congratulations from a complete stranger who dips into your blog every now and again!

Ps. Fish and Chips in the paper and champagne is my favourite meal - high class trash, can't se a better way to get engaged myself!