Wednesday, February 20, 2008

You're Not the Only One...

A new bloggers collection has been brought to my attention, one which is for a great cause:
"One of the things that a lot of us love about blogging is that we share experiences. We may not meet or even see our fellow bloggers but we feel we know them. For many of us it's an important part of feeling connected, almost like having another support system. Recently I tagged some bloggers on memes requiring a bit more info on who they were and what they felt and what I read really moved me. They made me wish I could pay for their writing, to thank them for sharing, to give them something for giving me their words on their personal stories.
From that thought, and with the help of a small team (Sarah from He Loves Me Not, Ariel from From F**k Up To Fab, Ms R from Woman of Experience and Vi from Village Secrets) we've come up with a plan! We're putting together a book for WARCHILD written by bloggers and here's where you come in:

We would like you to submit (to us at a written piece about something you've been through from any aspect of your life that you want to share. It can literally be about anything: your relationships, your past, a road not taken, being a parent, an illness or your regrets etc.
We've called it "You're Not The Only One" to reflect the camaraderie of blogging.Proceeds will go to WARCHILD and, blatantly following in the same fashion as Troubled Diva (Mike Atkinson)'s Shaggy Blog Stories, we will be publishing it through
WARCHILD is a uk based charity but it helps children all over the world, so we'd like as many submissions from as many places as possible."
See Peach for more details.
I have submitted my entry which is something I have not yet posted on my blog so is entirely original. If it doesn't make the book I might be persuaded to post it here instead. It's subject is something which happened to me a long time ago, which is, boringly, entitled Earthquake.

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Thanks for your support and participation.