Friday, February 01, 2008

Wedding Preparations

This time next week I shall be in Finland for M's brother's wedding. The hen party safely over, it has been a frantic few weeks helping with the various other preparations. I have been helping put together my bridesmaid dress in sessions which felt rather like advanced couture dress-making the modular version as I learnt extremely quickly why one does not, if one can help it, cut fabric from a piece of material spread on a sheet over floorboards in a room which only has side-lighting ("it looks like a mouse bit it out of the fabric Rachel") or why when one is sewing French-seams it is better to have in mind the overall objective first rather than trying to do each of the four parts in turn and find that mistakes made on each stage have dire implications for the progress of the seam. Still, the next time I need to make a boned bodice I am well equipped to make a decent stab at it likewise the next time I need to cut out pattern pieces from silk chiffon crepe I know that I am to refuse.

Given the amount of wedding preparations going on around us it was nice to escape for a night out with M yesterday. We decided to celebrate our anniversary with a meal at Firehouse in South Kensington. The food was wonderful, the service even better and we had a fabulous night. We spent three hours over our meal, ending with chocolate fondue with strawberries, raspberries and marshmallows to dunk and beautifully made espressos before heading down to the bar to linger over mojitos.


lain said...

Your meal sounds fab. And what about the dress, I am dying to see what it looks like, I hope you will be putting photos on your Facebook!

Rachel said...

I will definitely be putting photos on facebook.

The dress is great, I can't wait to wear it (as are the shoes!)

Echo said...

Tagged you again! It's on my page, but for some reason is really small. You'll have a job to do it for your middle name - mine was tough, but at least short!

Sorry have still not spoken to you - am at home recuperating - will call you soon. Thank you for being lovely x