Monday, February 18, 2008

Little Miss Rachel

Little Miss Rachel - It came directly from my comments box, but I decided that it fitted rather too well. All week my blog has been bothering me; the line between anonymity and the personal too close for comfort. "Anonymity is the personal blogger's best friend. Lose it at your own peril" warned Petite Anglais, far too late for it to be any use to me.

I haven't achieved notoriety, fame or a book-deal but I haven't exactly managed the anonymity thing very well either. All my family know of it's presence (lurking rather menacingly in the background, providing a slightly irritating self conscious commentary on things, as I know people read it and everyone knows I write it). My name is in fact, my name. Rather dull, rather personal. Little Miss Rachel still involves my name (as I can't really escape it now), but it is more than my name. It conveys, somehow, that it is all about me. Which it seems to be, more and more these days. Not in a good way though, not in a way that I attempt; to give an 'interesting' insight into my life. My posts come across more as rants or insipid descriptions of parties attended, books read. I need to inject something more interesting, something which is more worthwhile reading back into the text.

But somehow, it just doesn't work. So whilst I try and recover from my blogger's block I thought I'd update the template instead.


Cumbrian said...

You do yourself a disservice. A blogger of your quality is a diarist of the very best kind. Think of yourself as continuing a great tradition - think of John Evelyn and Samual Pepys. Why should their window on the world be any less valid than yours? Samuel Pepys felt the need to write in code which made his diaries a very closed personal thing. You have the confidence to share your thoughts with anyone who cares to read them; they are not just for posterity. I like that. If notoriety or fame did come your way would you really want it?

James said...

It does seem like it has been a bit of a watershed week for your blog.

I don't see any reason why you can't slip off into anonymity though, if your finding the lack of it a problem.

This blog can stay here for posterities sake and you can start afresh elsewhere. A clean slate, a blank canvas, to write how you truly want to write, without a single self conscious voice to be heard.

Although I never get too personal on my blog, I know a lot of what I do write wouldn't make the page if I thought certain people were reading. What's the worst that can happen you don't like it, so you return back here and carry on as before.

Also I'm sure you have a fair idea from your reader stats and such like who reads regularly, so for those you'd like to follow ( me..please), you can pop them an email with your new location.

Just a thought... Anyway the new surroundings make a refreshing change, and I hope you shift the bloggers block soon.

Rachel said...

i had considered starting afresh somewhere else but I think I will stay put. The new template I like better than the old in any event, particularly the photo of Cornwall which I took on hols last year.

It is a diary, my personal diary and with that in mind I will continue (and hope that I get up to something interesting to write about)

ps. i don't want notoriety or fame, it's just that those are usually the things which unmask anonymity.

lain said...

You are definitely the best writer out of everyone I know, even though you do write about mundane day-to-day things from time to time. Nobody has lives that are glossy and glam 24/7. Carry on as you are - I'll still be reading!!