Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Small World Syndrome example 2

Rushed home last night as M had invited a few friends round to watch the football. I had been keen to avoid going to the pub to watch the game so I had said I would cook. All day my phone kept beeping "X's coming. Hope that's ok sweet" until I ended up cooking spaghetti bolognese for 9. Thankfully I not only had a girlfriend there to keep me sane (who helped with the cooking) but Liverpool won.


Had an e-mail from an old school friend this morning. "Rach" it read, "Do you know someone called X? Because if you don't, your doppelganger is on her fridge!" Turns out, the fridge in question belongs to the girlfriend mentioned above. "I do know her" I replied. " She's my BestFriend. What were you doing at her house?". Turned out that old school friend used to date BestFriend's flatmate whilst they both lived abroad and she had been round to their flat for supper last night whereon she had seen the picture of BestFriend and I together on the fridge.

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lain said...

Randomness. So who was the old school friend??