Sunday, April 20, 2008


Met up last night with a group of people that I used to sail with as a teenager, on national CCF courses at HMS Raleigh & HMS Bristol. We first met aged 14 and 15 and subsequently met up every summer and occasionally at other times of the year each year until we were 18 and left school. We stayed sporadically in written contact throughout university and the remaining years until last night when we finally managed to find a weekend where most of the group was free.

We had a great evening even if the two boats we went to for drinks and dancing would have been viewed sceptically in any other circumstances but were chosen merely for our nautical theme. To be honest apart from the occasional rocking when we were caught in the wash of a passing boat it mattered not a jot where we were. Meeting people again 8 years later is a strange mix of feeling that you know each other well yet at the same time you don't really know each other at all. It was though an enjoyable evening, and pleasing that despite the years of not seeing each other the dynamics were as if it were simply another CCF event only with more drinking and no-one dictating what we should do and how we should be doing it.

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