Friday, April 04, 2008

Playing Detective

Reading the Times AlphaMummy blog has convinced me that I know one of the regular commenters. She has given enough detail about her life (divorce, number of children, some of their ages, high paid job, being back at work after only 2 weeks after the birth of her first child) that I am sure that she is a lawyer with whom I used to sing in the London Lawyers Chorus. If she is, and I am right, it is further proof that it is a small world. The most annoying thing though is that I will never know whether or not I am right.

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James said...

How intriguing. Surely there is a way you could find out. Couldn't you respond to one of her comments with a particular reference to something you know about her.

For example if you knew she owned a Toyota Prius, you could say oh I bet your the sort of person who drives a gas guzzling Chelsea tractor (the complete opposite to what you actually think). Thereby pushing the right button for her to respond with "actually I drive a Toyota Prius". A bad example I'm sure but you see my point. There must be a way to be more sure than you already are.