Thursday, August 16, 2007

Moroccan Inspiration

Was feeling dull and lacking inspiration so I had a look through some of my Moroccan photographs, hoping it might lift me out of my mood. I'm glad I did - the colours, shapes and memories are instantly peaceful. So, I thought I'd share one with you.

I love this minoret: the shape, the detail of the arches which are emphasised by the sharp shadow outlines thrown by the clear african sun and that gorgeous pale red colour which stands so majestically against the perfect azure blue of the sky.

We bought a bedspread in Essouiria which is made from wool, linen and silk and has stripes of different shades of blue, some of them the same colours as the sky in this picture. We bought it from a tiny shop down a beautiful white washed alley way just off one of the main souks in the medina. We walked past but could not help but stop: beautiful stiped bedspreads, throws and rugs in every colour and size imaginable were hung up, their colours intensified by the white wall they were hung against and the hot sun beating down. We haggled to the best of our ability whilst trying not to show how desperately I wanted that gorgeous throw. It is now on our bed in our flat in London and it soothes me everytime I make the bed.

And then, last week, on holiday in Cornwall, I found a pillar candle in the same colours which I bought and which now stands on the black mantlepiece in our bedroom. That also made me happy.

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