Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Hermione and the jumper
Deathly Hallows review soon I promise; it's been a busy week with no time for writing... spared a couple of hours yesterday though to watch film 5 at the Electric on Portobello Road. A wonderful date; good story, comfy chairs, wine, sweeties in a darling little tub.

Thoroughly enjoyed the film, although, as with everything, I had a few criticisms and it was not done as I would have. There were plot changes for, as far as I could tell, no apparent reason and it seemed to jump from scene to scene without any of the background noise and detail which make the books themselves so appealing. The scene with Cho was something of nothing; the fights, although impressive, seemed too long at the expensive of other details which need not have been cut. Some of the acting was excellent; some was simply adequate. Daniel Radcliffe has thankfully discovered a new emotion (anger) to add to his repetoire of bored and frightened. Luna, was, I thought, a pleasing addition to the central cast, even if her accent bordered on irritating on occasion but Umbridge was just not quite sinister enough for me, even if her costume was excellent.

And speaking of costume choice - I did find it rather disturbing that Hermione spent the latter part of the film racing around the Ministry of Magic in a Gap jumper which I own and which I will no longer be able to wear as even M leaned across and hissed "she's wearing your jumper". An excellent choice obviously, even if she is about 15, and realistic too, as I bought it in Autumn 2005. I wonder if Gap know and are credited?

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Snork said...

It made me smile :P What are you going to do with the jumper? If you eBay it it's a good choice *no hinting whatsoever* because people will bid on it like crazy, inluding me. Please let me know :P x