Sunday, August 12, 2007


I have been away this week, as you might have guessed. In Cornwall, staying with some friends from university. A glorious week with five hot summer days in a row with three pretty good ones as well. I spent the first two days helping race a Shrimper and the second part of the week lying on the beach reading. We also played lots of golf (well, I played one round, the others four or five) and sat out until the early hours most nights watching the stars -and a few satelittes. We celebrated L's birthday with a beach barbeque and fire, lying side by side on the sand trying to identify the constellations. But, as with everything, it is now over and we are all on our way back to London. It feels like summer is over.


Anonymous said...

There's an article in the papers this morning about how people can't spell. FYI it's spelt 'satellites'.

Echo said...

Interesting, as most papers exhibit frequent misspellings! Thanks for your comment Rach - am so proud of her x x x