Sunday, February 18, 2007

Wedding Bells

Rather a heavy weekend, this one. Friends over on Friday night. Frisbee on Primrose Hill on Saturday afternoon. It was so warm I ended up stripping down to my t-shirt. In February. Bought salami and bread and lemonade and ate them sat on a bench watching people walking up and down the paths, some with dogs, some with babies in prams, others with small children in tow, couples laughing, in love, couples arguing. Some singles and many families. All enjoying the rather unseasonal warm sunshine. And then we meandered back to the house, walking down Regent's Park Road. All the tables outside the cafes full, people talking and laughing, drinking coffee and reading the Saturday papers. So very London.

And then to Angel on Saturday night, to an engagement party for some dear friends. Who asked me if I would be a bridesmaid. Which I am honoured to do. And so we partied until 4am, first in the pub and then in a friend's flat, celebrating the bond which links two people, which draws them together and convinces them that they should spend the rest of their lives together.


lain said...

Ooh a bridesmaid, how exciting! Hope you get to wear a lovely dress...


Anonymous said...

Why must I be the bridesmaid and never the blushing bride?