Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Pause for thought

You may have noticed that I haven't been able to make many posts over the last few days. Sadly the computer has had to leave us for a while to be mended, so have had to resort to using a friend's computer to check my e mails. So the post about women and children will follow when the computer has returned. For those that are interested, I apologise for the delay.

And in other news, friends of mine got engaged last weekend. So very exciting. Am looking forward to the enormous party we are going to hold in their honour. The ring is beautiful and I am so pleased for them. On the same day though, I found out that a friend from a long time ago had given up on her desperate battle with a mental illness. Days like that rather put all other more mundane problems into perspective.

Have to hand back the computer now, will be back as soon as possible.


fred flintstone said...

Computers are wonderful. I got me head stuck in one once.

Anonymous said...

Down at the disco, bumper to bumper, wait a minute, where's me jumper?

Anonymous said...

You say things will only get better, you haven't lost your brand new sweater