Friday, January 09, 2009

Lessons Learnt

How big a difference do you think there is between someone saying that they love a person and someone being in love with that person? Is the speaker trying to reassure the listener (that person's partner) that they think the partner is great, i.e. 'what a great choice you made' or is it more of a veiled warning to the listener? Is the problem with the listener rather than the speaker.

Tonight started well. It went swiftly downhill.

Things I learnt:-

* Don't bother turning up to drinks at 9pm when everyone else will be wasted and you are entirely sober. It will be hideous.
* No matter how much you trust your own partner every once in a while some one else's behaviour will make you extremely cross.
* Any drunk female on her own who needs to get home will automatically live just near enough to you that you feel obliged to take her home but just far enough away from your house that it will be a £35 taxi fare. They will invariably have no money and be the one who made you very cross at point 2 above but you will have to bite your tongue and make polite small talk all the way home because your partner's caring-ness is something you love about them. Usually they will conveniently forget where they live and therefore engage your partner in conversation trying to remember their address whilst you suppress the urge to kick them out at the next set of traffic lights.
* If you are really lucky they will have had some kind of fxxked up argument with a colleague earlier and be so drunk that they stare at you before telling you they love your partner and that they are 10 times cool.
* If you are really lucky they will entice your partner into the loo to hold their hair whilst they vomit.
* If you are a rational person you will feel sorry for this person.
* I am not a rational person. I did not feel sorry for her. I felt exceedingly annoyed at her.
* This will result in an argument whereon you are blogging and your partner has gone to bed.
* This will annoy you more. You will resolve never to go to a drinks party where she or her fxxked up colleague is present ever again.
* It is hard to be the bigger person.


jermac said...

Wow, tough. I'm sitting here at 12.40 surfing the web and watching shit on TV because it is Friday evening, am pissed off with my partner over an argument over building regulations when she wouldn't listen to me (or was it me not listening to her?).
Not sure it is your league but I guess writing and reading blogs is what pissed of people do during the night.

CeeCee said...

Oh no Rachel!
I'm so sorry you had a fxxcked up night! The demon drink doing its work again. Try to remember that booze turns even sensible people into lunatics (I include myself in this).
I hope by the time you read this it will be morning and everything will seem a little better.
Big hugs xox

pierre l said...

Oh dear. I sincerely hope writing all that made your feel a little better.
I can't remember whether you have said that M reads this blog or not -- I hope not. If I were in his position, I would be extremely sorry about all this. Even if he didn't go chasing after her. Being helpful is one thing, but "hold(ing) their hair whilst they vomit" is definitely too much.

James said...

Ouch... not a good night then!

Lain said...

Shit. Sounds absolutely hideous. Sorry to hear you had such a torrid time for the rest of the evening. Hope tonight will be good enough to make up for it!

Peonies and Polaroids said...

Oh my, I hate drunk people. It IS hard being the bigger person, I'm not very good at it.

missy said...

And thats why I hate going out!

Rachel said...

Thanks for your comments. I think what I wrote makes M look unfairly bad. His behaviour was fine and I had no problem with him. He very reasonably pointed out that we couldn't just leave her there and we needed to make sure she got home. That is what I love about him, despite it sometimes making me cross (at her but taking it out, unfairly, on him).