Friday, November 28, 2008

International Buy Nothing Day

So, in the UK at least, the government wants us all to do more spending to help the economy and to try and convince us, VAT has been lowered as of next Monday. Whether or not this will actually be passed to the consumer will remain to be seen.

In the meantime, tomorrow is international BUY NOTHING DAY. We can all help our own economies and spend nothing. As all bills increase, now is the time to mend things, re-use things, offer your clutter on free-cycle and collect someone else's tat instead of buying yet more things.

Obviously some things we still have to buy, but, for tomorrow at least, perhaps try and only buy it if you actually need it.

Which is harder than it sounds but worth the effort I think. Let me know how you got on.


Anonymous said...

Does that include bus tickets?

jermac said...

My wife's birthday on Wednesday and I needed to take my daughter shopping to buy her something. Did have any choice I'm afraid.

Rachel said...

It was M's brother's 30th birthday so we had to buy dinner and some drinks but aside from that, we didn't buy anything.

lain said...

I put some money on a horse and won a fiver, so is that technically taking something away and therefore going one better than buying nothing? Do I get a gold star?

Rachel said...

gold star for you Lain. Did you go to the races or were you internet betting?


lain said...

We put some money on the Hennessy Gold Cup but were actually away for the weekend so just went into a bookie's... Had to get M to put the bets on though, I didn't have quite enough knowledge to do that part myself!

stacy said...

America needs a Buy Nothing Month we are so in debt.

Krista said...

I am not extremely supportive of buy nothing day. It's a great idea, but does not always work. Perhaps some people can go a day without buying dinner, drinks, groceries or anything. It's easier to buy nothing when Dec 1 falls on a week-day, mind you.
The first time I heard of this, I was in fourth year of university. I was one of a two-person committee selling school jackets (very popular at my school). Deposits were made in Oct, and you could pick up your jacket (and pay the balance) on Dec 1. Many students wouldn't come that day to pay the balance, so I had to run a second day of sales DURING EXAMS. I got complaints that the second day was during exams (they had an exam the next day or that day). They completely didn't care that I had to work a day during exams.
Seems petty now, but having to give up a day of studying in between exams was a big deal at the time.
And unfortunately, I have always associated "international buy nothing day" with that silly incident.