Thursday, March 27, 2008


Tried to leave work early tonight. Finally managed to leave at 6.38pm and ran all the way to Exmouth Market to try to get to the Unpackaged shop before it closed at 7pm. I got there with one minute to spare and was very pleased that Catherine had not shut.

I had brought with me my empty Ecover washing up liquid and washing liquid containers so I had them refilled whilst I had a quick look round the shop. Large bins filled with flour, rice, oats, pasta and other dry food stand in the middle of the shop whilst shelves surround the other sides of this beautiful old converted dairy. I didn't have any time to remember what else I wanted and I hadn't brought any of my containers so I left it for the evening but I will be bringing back my empty oil and vingar bottles to be re-filled and stocking up on dried goods next week.
The owner, Catherine, was very sweet and would have stayed open later if I had wanted to buy anything else. We had a great chat about the products that she sells and the ethos behind her shop. If anyone lives anywhere near, the Unpackaged shop is a fantastic local retailer and if you bring your own containers you get a 50p discount per item which is a great incentive for people to cut down on packaging as well as just recycling it.

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