Monday, October 01, 2007

WI & Country Life Magazine

Some rather unreliable journalism here courtesy of Country Life Magazine and Melanie Cable-Alexandra (an editor of the magazine and, according to Wikipedia and other sources, the mother of Antony Armstrong-Jones's illigitimate son Jasper).

This article is about the 'new' face of the WI and mentions Fulham WI despite the fact that to the best of my knowledge the group had not been approached by the magazine and much of the content seems rather similiar to the article which followed an interview with the Sunday Telegraph.

I feel it also rather unfairly misrepresents the ladies of the Fulham WI as dismissive of the older and more established WI groups and portrays us as a bunch of career women shunning the traditional skills and hobbies enjoyed by women of an older generation. I hardly think this could be further from the truth; at Fulham WI we celebrate the traditional within the modern - how we can apply traditional skills, crafts and hobbies into our own busy lives and within the spectrum of living as a modern woman. We may meet in a pub and hear talks about nuclear power but there was also a queue for places on the chutney making day next week.


Anonymous said...

I had a look at the article - it's rather hard to guage the attitude of the writer, as she seems to be rather split over the idea.

I think it's wrong to call it a rebellion. If only more women around the country would set up similar branches to Fulham.

I would like to take part in the type of activities on offer, but cannot help but be put off by the average age of the members of the majority of WI groups.

Rachel said...

I agree that a rebellion is not the appropriate phrase for Country Life to have used.

The average age in the Fulham WI is, I would estimate, around 30. Some are younger, some are a lot older.

If the WI has activities that interest you, please do not be put off by age. Older ladies can still be marvellous fun and have so much to offer in the way of skills, friendship and advice.

Or, perhaps see if friends of yours or local women your own age fancy starting up their own branch. You do not say where you live but there is nothing to restrict a younger WI branch to London.