Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Things I Did...

...over the Easter Weekend. {I liked how Cate's post sounded, so I thought I do my own version}.

  • Left the house for the first time in almost 2 weeks and got in a very small hire car with M, his brother, his brother's wife and my baby sister.
  • Navigated successfully to Shropshire despite being stuck in the middle seat and travelling up the M1.
  • Had a bizarre afternoon tea-style meal with M's parents, all the occupants of our car, my parents and my other sister at 11.45pm.
  • Waved off my parents and two sisters in the family Volvo {they were off to our usual Easter residence of Dad's parents in the Yorkshire Dales - I wasn't going as I thought it best to not travel too much so soon after the op} which was a very odd feeling.
  • Realised I had left all my underwear in our flat in London so had to wear a (new) pair belonging to M's Mum whilst we made a quick dash to M&S.
  • Bought and then returned a grey cardigan from Primark when I realised it looked like the back had been through a roller but not the front.
  • Printed 75 invitations with M's help along with 75 response cards and 75 maps.
  • Wrote 70 invitations and envelopes with the help of M's Mum and Grandmother.
  • Got up at 8am for 4 days on the trot despite it being a weekend and read two books whilst M played 4 rounds of early morning golf.
  • Trawled the charity shops of Shrewsbury and purchased 6 dinner plates and some red and white striped fabric from which to make cushion covers.
  • Attempted to have afternoon tea with M in Much Wenlock only for our plan to be foiled as they had no scones.
  • Bought a wooden draining rack in effort to prevent M building crazy sculptures with our washing up as it dries.
  • Attended a church service and smiled on hearing a special prayer said for our upcoming wedding and marriage. Surprised myself that singing hurt too much and tried to force myself to stop which was hard as I love singing.
  • Drank coffee in the sunshine whilst reading the Sunday papers.
  • Posted all invitations with addresses.
  • Sat in a slightly emptier car all the way back to London.
  • Had tea with Liz and finally viewed her Morocco and South Africa photos despite her having taken those holidays in February. Ate chocolate and helped her finish the crossword.
  • Ate delicious stir fry which M and I cooked together whilst catching up with The Apprentice.
  • Managed to go to bed the same day we got up for the 5th day running.
  • Slept with bad dreams but woke up early and then it was back to work...


Anonymous said...

This is a really great post Rachel, sounds like a good Easter to me. I did a variety of things, though the main one was emptying boxes... only 12 to go from c.190!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Sounds like an awesome break. Can't wait to hear more!