Thursday, April 09, 2009

New Shoes

{Image by Toast}

My catalogue arrived yesterday. And then I went on a bus. Which went past the shop. So I got off. And came out with these.

Perfect for spring and summer and our honeymoon.

Less good for the purse. Especially since I am supposedly *off shopping*.

But everyone needs a new pair of shoes, once in a while.

Happy Easter!


Anonymous said...

Do we get to see you in them?

lain said...

Loving the shoes! I have a pair just like that (only a bit more jewel-blue) from Banana Republic. Gotta love a good pair of flats.

Marie said...

Ooh they're lovely, let me know if they're comfy, I need some new comfy flats!

Rachel said...

@Jermac - maybe, depends if I can find the lead to my camera

@Lain - Indeed

@Marie - They're incredibly comfy. Surprisingly so in fact. Leather soles, padded insides, lovely.