Monday, March 09, 2009

And people get paid to write this?

According to Shane Watson in the Sunday Times, by aged 25 I should have achieved the following:

- Achieved party notoriety/a groovy look — like Alice Dellal
- Travelling stripes (outside Europe)
- A tattoo or nonregulation piercing
- Have talked to a genuine celebrity
- Have DJed, gone out with a DJ or sung backing vocals
- Had at least one serious boyfriend
- Worked as a waitress/in a bar
- Proficiency in an instrument or sport
- Discovered your best feature
- Got serious about photography

And want people to say: “You’ve done an incredible amount for your age”

I am 27. I have a hole in my tummy button where I used to wear a bar until it got too annoying banging into my desk which was the same height (how middle aged) and I obviously have had at least one serious boyfriend given that I get married in three months time. I have travelled outside Europe and done well at things but it seems I have failed because I have not dated a DJ, discovered my best feature or talked to a genuine celebrity...

And what do I have to look forward to? Well, by 35 I should have:-

- Been head-hunted for a new job
- Been taken to lunch by your boss
- Been on a business trip abroad
- Lived abroad
- Bought your own flat
- Been bought jewellery by a man
- Socialised outside your age group
- Hatched a plan for your own business
- Successfully negotiated a pay rise
- Discovered your signature style
- Discovered the importance of women
- Established a shoe collection

And want people to say: “You could do anything you set your mind to”

Well, I have managed 3 of them. Looks like I have got a bit of work to do...

Seriously, I can't believe people get paid to write this. And in The Times as well.


Indian Summers said...

Is this from the Style magazine? They're always doing things like this, and they really annoy me - in fact, they're one of the reasons I stopped buying the Sunday Times! I'm never quite sure if they're supposed to be tongue in cheek or not, but even so...they just come across a bit snooty. And who's to define life like that? It's such a different experience for every person, and what's important for you may be completely different for the next person. Lists like this invariably just make me feel a bit rubbish. Bah!

lydia saucepan said...

ha! so right. what utter trash. it's not even funny, it's just uninspired and rubbish. 'gone out with a DJ'?? 'disovered your signature style'??, 'look like some posh try-hard nonsense-headed so-called model'???

ps - I found you via london bride/witc, being her older sister. enjoy reading your blogs when i can

jermac said...

If they work for Murdoch they do!

Rachel said...

I need Shane Watson's job. I think I could compile lists at least as interesting as hers...

The Cwtch said...

What tosh! I've definitely failed on the under 25 list. I tell you what though I'm doing better on the under 35 I'm on 9, if owning multiple pairs of shoes, all jumbled up in the bottom of my wardrobe counts as 'a collection'! It makes you think. What if you are a stay at home mum who doesn't have enough money for a shoe collection / signature style? You could only score 3 max and would be deemed abject failure by list man. Pah!! Who on earth has a signature style anyway?????!!! Grrr.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this a bit self-perpetuatimg? By writing about this shite you're only bringing attention to it

missy said...

What! Well I have found my best feature, did photography gcse, been to the USA and OZ,and now with my new hair do think I've got my look. I'll be 25 in August.
If he can write that for The Times you should be making a fortune with your blog xx