Friday, December 21, 2007


Thanks to James at The Ink for his instructions as to how to take a screen shot of my desktop. Obviously in my version the two people have faces but I think they should remain anonymous.

Apparently this is something of a meme and should be accompanied with some discussion of computer history. My relationship with computers goes back a good long way - as a child we had various mac computers and have had the Internet for as long as I can remember. I was bought my first own laptop when I went to university (an i-mac clam shell in turquoise) which I still use at home now for writing articles and on which I have written every essay and dissertation. It is rather old now (my version of i-tunes will not recognise the old i-pod shuffle that my sister donated to me when she upgraded, it is that old) so I use M's laptop for accessing the Internet.

Working life forced me to get to grips with PCs which were previously uncharted territory. After macs which seem to work so obviously and so straightforwardly, I found it quite a task to become PC literate. Although some things still fox me (screen printing and so on!) I can drive it satisfactorily although I cannot do anything flashy. Blogging has forced me to master some html knowledge (I know I could update to the version which does this for me, but I am afraid I will lose some of my blog). I know I should also back up my blog but I just don't know how to. Any ideas?


Cumbrian said...

For the time being I would copy your blogs for each month and paste the content into a word processor like Word. The files can then be saved to a safe place e.g. burn a CD or save to an external hard drive.

Lain said...

I would have said that seeing as your blogs pull through to your Facebook site (not sure if you do this manually or automatically) that that in itself is a backup??

Rachel said...

Thanks for the suggestions; I'm most grateful.

Lain - the copy on facebook is a back up I suppose but it is still a website so if facebook's server ever had problems all my content might disappear.

I think backing up onto disk is the only way. A job for the period between Christmas and New Year perhaps!

Anonymous said...

Data Protection rules make you and M look like Guantanamo Bay terrorists. Most amusing.

Rachel said...

The picture is not of M and I, in case you were wondering.

Anonymous said...

Oh sorry, just assumed it was.
Happy New Year.

Rachel said...

Nope, not M or I.

(it's actually my father and sister who is in the US).

Happy New Year.