Tuesday, November 13, 2007

BBC London Radio - Fulham WI

It's been a busy week so apologies for the lack of posts.

The week has been taken up with more ball committee meetings (only 3 weeks left to go and what a lot left to do), an appearance on BBC London Radio which you could listen to here if you were so inclined (fast forward about an hour and a half and you can hear 3 Fulham WI girls discussing WI issues and our response to the Hampshire WI Federation's proposal that the WI back the legalisation of prostitution).

This week has also seen the publication of two further articles in ETPMagazine.com. The first of which can be read here and is a response to the Madeleine McCann story; the second is a look at another on-line ethical boutique called Fisher Garcia and my article can be found here.

If and when I get a chance I will try and explore further the issues we discussed in relation to the suggestion that women should back the legalisation of prostitution. I do however have a family funeral to attend on Friday and will be spending much needed time with my family at the weekend, so it could well be at least another week before I post anything further.


Cumulus said...

Slightly off-topic, but thank you for the comment on my blog! Are you the same Rachel who posts on AlphaMummy?

Rachel said...

I have been known to post on AlphaMummy occasionally!

Anonymous said...

What a shame they couldn't introduce your article with correct punctuation! It should really be the McCanns' plight, as they are referring to more than on. But I'm preaching to the converted.

Cumbrian said...

I'm astonished - I'm amazed. I've never met am member of the W.I. who is under 40. I was beginning to think that the W.I. must mean something else e.g. Wild Intellectuals!! The W.I. must be reinventing itself. Very glad to hear it.